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Monthly Schedule

We know its your sacred place, its your domain and its your space where lot happens in that one hour. We encourage our yogis to dwell into your inner being , we ask you to explore yourself on that mat. Our promise is to give you that space and environment in which you feel really comfortable to open up and experience the practice.


Our passion for yoga stems from desire to pursue inner being in much introspective ways that age old yoga philosophy prescribes. "Do good things and good will happen to you", we induce compassion and determination in our practice. We encourage our yogis to make changes as needed and assist with variations in poses as needed.


Studio 22 is truly a Karma Yoga based environment where we encourage yogis and teachers to share love & compassion with out expectation. Our goal is to spread happiness with desire to reach everyone's heart without much aspirations for gains and benefits. Our vision is to share and care for everyone and make yoga an informative and beneficial tool in your life.

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